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The article presents three clinical cases of benign fasciculation syndrome. The main causes, pathogenetic mechanisms, clinical and electromyographic picture, differential diagnosis and treatment options of benign fasciculation syndrome were discussed. ... J.J. Gilbert // Neurology. — 1978. — Vol. 28. — P. 1105-9. Comparison of psychosocial factors between patients with
“In benign fasciculation syndrome, the muscle twitching is often widespread throughout the body,” says Bonnie Gerecke, MD, director of the Neurology Center at Mercy in Baltimore. “For example, one can experience twitching in an arm, eyelid, torso or foot,” continues Dr. Gerecke, referring to BFS.
The CNS-BFS, a self report scale, is designed to evaluate and monitor bulbar function in ALS patients. It includes three domains: speech, swallowing and salivation. It was validated using an online patient social network. ... Thisted R. Development of a self-report bulbar function scale (CNS-BFS) Neurology. 2011;76(Suppl. 4):A48. ...
At this point it is not clear if these symptoms are more characteristic of benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS) or MS. My question arises because the inconsistent information about pain and fasciculations in MS, and the inconclusive nature of my MRI scans. ... Was the neurologist a general neuro or do they specialize in MS. Regardless, something ...
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